Wednesday, December 06, 2006

And there was MUCH REJOICING!

At long last, the teaching assistant has a Master's degree. Specifically, she has a Master's degree in Spanish literature. Huzzah! (And no, the teaching assistant is not done with grad school quite yet — it's time to see what life is like as a Ph.D. candidate and if it's much different than the Master's level.)

I'd celebrate, only the semester isn't over yet and I have papers to write and assignments to grade (to say nothing of final exams to grade) before I can afford that luxury. When I do eventually get the chance to celebrate come Christmas, here are some things on the agenda. Remembering and adding to the celebration agenda helps keep me motivated.

*read Empire by Orson Scott Card (I love you, public library)
*watch several episodes of Angel and/or Buffy the Vampire Slayer
*read a Harry Potter book in French (a short one, I think, probably the first or second)
*see the Eragon movie at least once
*watch some of the old Flash Gordon movie serials (thank you, Netflix)
*read The Android's Dream by John Scalzi (thank you, public library, whenever you get the book in — the thing was published over a month ago!)
*read a large number of other assorted "fun books"
*return to my beloved ROCKY MOUNTAINS!
*have a Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition movie marathon with my siblings back home
*plan a Harry Potter movie marathon with friends from grad school
*pay more attention to goings on in the NFL; discuss the NFL ad infinitum with my youngest brother
*engage in "retail therapy" with my sister
*have more of a social life
*in general, try to have the most relaxing vacation I've had in a very long time... it occurs to me that I haven't had a truly relaxing or academics-free vacation since before I started college

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