Saturday, December 02, 2006

Talk of Empire

I really enjoyed the podcast interview that Glenn and Helen did with Orson Scott Card. They talk about OSC's latest novel, Empire, a book that I plan to read soon after the semester ends, courtesy of the public library. Politics also come up in the interview, especially in relation to the book. Very interesting.

OSC has nicely made the first few chapters of Empire available to read at his website. (I did just that last weekend.)

Here are some more thoughts about Empire from Glenn (also known as the Instapundit) in his column at TCS Daily. Here's how it begins:
Is America in danger of civil war? Not immediately, perhaps, but famed science fiction writer Orson Scott Card thinks that we're in enough danger that he's authored a cautionary tale entitled Empire that's set in more-or-less present times.

In Card's novel, which is straight thriller fiction a la Jack Bauer rather than the science fiction for which Card is generally known, shadowy forces use terror and assassination to trigger a civil war in an America sharply divided along Red/Blue lines.

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