Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wonderfully Quoteable

"Sometimes I think secondhand books should be banned, because they're the bibliophile's equivalent of cheap crack."

They really are like cheap crack. And no, that analogy is definitely not going to convince me, an inveterate bibliophile, to change my ways. Or let anyone deprive me of a source of so much pleasure. On a related note, there is now a room in my apartment called "The Library." It stores some of the books that don't fit in my bedroom. One of my roommates moved out in late December, and there was a bedroom looking for a purpose. My books gave it purpose. Additionally, now I have space for more bookshelves! I expect it'll be April before I need another one, though. I've been frequenting the public library more than bookstores or used book sales in the last couple months.

I saw the aforementioned quote in someone's email signature and thought it so great that I googled it, hoping to discover its origin and give credit to the person who uttered it. I succeeded. The origin is the blog flowermoonfishing for words, a blog whose author also occasionally employs Gollum syntax. Excellent.