Thursday, July 12, 2007

BBC miniseries goodness

I never thought I'd say this.

I've found a bbc miniseries that I like better than the version of Pride & Prejudice starring Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth, and we all know that I adore that and own the dvds. The miniseries that I have just seen and realized that I love even more is North & South. My sister has been dropping conspicuous hints that I need to watch it for months and months. I finally got the dvds from Netflix and sat down and watched it, partially because Richard Armitage, one of the leads in North & South, has a very important part on a new favorite show of mine, Robin Hood (a bbc show whose second season yours truly eagerly anticipates). Wow. North & South was truly, utterly great. There's no other way of describing it. My sister's long streak of being right about what I will really enjoy watching continues.

Now I'm craving British costume dramas in miniseries form. If there's one thing the bbc does well, it's their period pieces. A bunch of them just shot right to the top of my Netflix queue. One of those is Bleak House, which I've never seen before. I also feel a burning desire to re-watch Wives & Daughters.

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