Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chronicles of Narnia!

I haven't been feeling well, so this news especially brightened my day:
News has just come out of Comic-Con 2007 that all seven of the Chronicles of Narnia will be filmed. They also added that from Prince Caspian onward, all of the films will be released in May of the following year [...] They did not, however, announce the order of release for the films. Currently, they've been releasing the films in the original order of the release of the books. That's a fantastic way to do it, and I'm glad they chose to do it in that way. If they opt to film the next six films as two trilogies of stories, then The Magician's Nephew might come before The Horse and His Boy.

Hat tip, NarniaFans. The Horse and His Boy is my favorite of the Chronicles, and I am extremely excited to see the adventures of Shasta & Aravis play out on the big screen.