Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Science fiction goodness and surviving grad school

It's no secret that I'm a fan of science fiction. In fact, science fiction (in books and on screen) is high on the list of the top ten things that have helped me deal with the Gehenna of stress that comes with grad school. One of my favorite scifi authors is John Scalzi. He writes in other genres too, but is best known for the novel Old Man's War, which won him the Campbell Award last year. Today, I discovered that he will publish a fourth book in the universe in which Old Man's War takes place. I was surprised by this news - I thought he was done writing about it after completing the trilogy made up by the aforementioned book, The Ghost Brigades, and The Last Colony and penning a few short stories connected to it. Fortunately, my assumption was incorrect. Around May 2008, one will be able to pick up a shiny new copy of Zoe's Tale at the bookstore. Knowing that makes me happy.

While on the subject of that which makes my Ph.D. program in Spanish easier to endure, I present the current incarnation of the list referenced earlier. It is arranged alphabetically.

The top 10 list of that which helps the most with combatting stress in grad school

Fantasy - in books and on screen (J.K. Rowling in particular)
Internet study breaks
InterVarsity Graduate Christian Fellowship
My fiancé
Science fiction - in books and on screen (especially Orson Scott Card, John Scalzi, Firefly, and Battlestar Galactica)
YA (young adult) literature

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