Friday, November 02, 2007

When it rains, it pours

On the science fiction & fantasy front, a number recent developments have made me very happy. I know that at least several of said developments will be of interest to a number of you, so I thought I'd type them out here. The rest of you can interpret the books mentioned as recommended reading!

Orson Scott Card just published another book involving Ender Wiggin, and, courtesy of the public library, I have read it! I think I'd classify this story more as a novella than a novel: it's a short little book. A War of Gifts is very different in tone than any of the other stories involving the Battleschool, but that's not a bad thing at all. I thought the book was excellent. Well done once again, Mr. Card. I salute you.

The seventh book in Anthony Horowitz's very, very entertaining Alex Rider series becomes available in America in about two weeks. It's already out in Britain and Australia. I am waiting impatiently to get my copy of Snakehead from the library and see what exactly SCORPIA wants this time with our favorite 14-year-old MI6 operative. Ok, so the only stuff the books about Alex have in the way of fantasy or science fiction is the occasional futuristic gadget that Smithers creates for Alex. Anyway. For those of you unfamiliar with these stories, Smithers is to Alex Rider as Q is to James Bond.

There's going to be another book in the Maximum Ride series! It shall be called The Final Warning. More in the way of human-avian hybrids flying around, endeavoring to avoid capture, and trying to save the world is always a cause for rejoicing.

Only five months to go until Harry Dresden, wisecracking wizard detective from Chicago, returns in Small Favor. I have found Jim Butcher and his Dresden Files the most helpful of any author or series for coping with with post-Potter withdrawal.

It was announced just the other day that there will be four, not merely three, books in Christopher Paolini's Inheritance cycle, and we now know the publication date for the as-yet-untitled third book about Eragon, the intrepid dragon rider from Alagaësia: September 23, 2008. Those of you who care can read more about this happy news at Shur'tugal.

As pertains science fiction and fantasy in other media...

"Battlestar Galactica: Razor" premieres on November 24!

"The Golden Compass" comes to theaters on December 7. I'll probably wait to watch it until Christmas break, though — it's going to be a very busy end-of-semester, and I'm not enough of a Philip Pullman fan to need to watch it opening weekend. (Again.)

And, finally, Joss Whedon (of "Angel," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and "Firefly" fame) has a new show in the works! It's called "Dollhouse," and Tim Minear (also heavily involved in "Firefly" and "Angel") will have a role in its creation as well. I was pleased to learn that once again, genres will be mixed in this new show of Joss's. I love hybridity of genres.

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