Saturday, December 01, 2007

Very recent acquisitions

I love the booksale that an organization supporting my local library branch has every month or so. There was one today. I went, I browsed, and I scored many books for under $10. Last month was even better: more books than I got today for under $5. Unfortunately for me, the science fiction/fantasy section was only 2/3 the size it normally is today, but life goes on. There will have to be more books there that interest me in a month or two! Here's a list of some of my new book friends from today and a month ago, roughly categorized:

Tom Clancy (1): Patriot Games
Joseph Kanon (1): Los Alamos
John Le Carre (3): assorted novels of espionage
Robert Ludlum (2): assorted thrillers
Dorothy Sayers (5): assorted Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries

Historical fiction
Tracy Chevalier (1): Girl with a Pearl Earring
Patrick O'Brian (1): Master and Commander
Betty Vander Els (1): The Bombers' Moon - one of my favorite books to borrow again and again from the library when I was in junior high school

Science fiction/fantasy/alt history
Trudi Canavan (1): The Novice
Orson Scott Card (2): a couple books from the Alvin Maker series
Robin Hobb (1): Shaman's Crossing
James Patterson (1) Maximum Ride: School's Out — Forever, book 2 of the Maximum Ride trilogy
Anne Rice (1): Interview with the Vampire
Lemony Snicket (3): books 2-4 of A Series of Unfortunate Events
Harry Turtledove (1): Guns of the South

Cathy Dunn MacRae (1): Presenting Young Adult Fantasy Fiction
Perry Moore (1): The Official Illustrated Movie Companion to The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

There are probably five to ten more books that should be on this list whose titles I am forgetting at the moment. I feel like there were at least three Madeleine L'Engle and one or two Ursula LeGuin books among those acquired last month, for example; however, I forget which ones they were, since both of those authors are represented fairly well on my bookshelves.

Of the titles listed, the only books I bought that I had already read are the ones by James Patterson, Tom Clancy, and Betty Vander Els. It'll be fun to see how much I like all the new books! Not a bad haul for a price tag smaller than $15...