Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Science fiction and big questions of life

In a recent edition of Wired, Clive Thompson argues that science fiction is the last bastion of philosophical writing. It's an interesting and brief little article; you should read it! I tend to agree with his thesis that "big-idea novels are more likely to have an embossed foil dragon on the cover than a Booker Prize badge," although I'd say "science fiction and fantasy" rather than just "science fiction." Nearly four years of graduate education in a literature program in addition to my being a voracious reader since the moment I was first literate convince me of this. There are so many more big ideas in the novels of a John Scalzi, a J.K. Rowling, or an Orson Scott Card than there are in a Gabriel García Márquez or an Isabel Allende, whose work I've studied in detail.

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