Saturday, February 02, 2008

Who I'll be cheering for

I love watching the NFL. Unfortunately, this year, my team — the Denver Broncos — didn't do as well as usual and missed the playoffs for the second straight year. The reason I bring up the subject of football is that, as you will have noticed, unless you've been hiding under a rock lately, Super Bowl XLII is tomorrow. This year, I'll be watching. Last year, I didn't pay quite so much attention to the NFL in the postseason for a couple reasons, the main one being that I was still kind of depressed about the very recent January 2007 murder of Darrent Williams, one of the Broncos' defensive backs, and didn't feel like watching a whole lot of football. But tomorrow, I'll be eagerly watching the Super Bowl and rooting against the New England Patriots. My reasons for hoping the Patriots lose are legion. I would have rooted against them even if it weren't for this season's spygate scandal.

On a related note, I feel old. Why? This year's Super Bowl is numbered XLII. It has been ten years since the Broncos, led by John Elway, had their first Super Bowl victory in Super Bowl XXXII, beating the defending champions — the Green Bay Packers (Ha! Take that, cheeseheads! No repeat for you!) — in San Diego. And then Denver repeated as victors the next year, Elway's final season, by beating the Atlanta Falcons into the turf in XXXIII. Good times, but I was in high school then! Other related note: man, I miss Elway. And Terrell Davis. He was a phenomenal running back. Ed McCaffrey, a wide receiver we in the Rockies all adored. The ever-silent offensive line. Shannon Sharpe, best tight end ever. Plus many other fantastic players who are now retired or approaching retirement. The list goes on.