Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Assorted things I've realized

1. I like dead conquistadors. Reading and writing about them, I mean.

2. Caribbean literature post-José Martí is just not my thing.  Arguably, Caribbean lit post-Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda, who died two decades earlier in the 19th century than Martí did, is not my thing.  And why is it that I typically enjoy reading stuff recently written by people from the rest of Latin America or in Spain so much more than current Caribbean authors?

3. Of all the main characters in the fantasy and science fiction books I've read, the person I'd most want to have my back in a tough situation is Harry Dresden of The Dresden Files.  Speaking of The Dresden Files, the latest book in the series goes on sale today, April 1.  Sméagol has a resserved copy of Small Favor waiting at Bordersss, oh yes, precious! 

4. Currently, the dubious honor of "novel I've hated reading the most" is held by the Trilogía sucia de la Habana. It may well hold that spot for the rest of my lifetime. I cannot count the ways I hate that book. The only reason I kept reading after the first chapter was that I had to - it was assigned reading for a class. Henceforth, I shall endeavor to avoid the genre of "dirty realism" like I would hot pokers, nuclear waste, and avian flu.  

5. The Codex Alera (by Jim Butcher) and Ranger's Apprentice (by John Flanagan) are two dangerously addictive series, especially the former.  

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