Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Meet My Precious 3.0

As you'll recall, I name my gadgets.  Computer-related gadgets, anyway.  Not only do I name them, I make it so that they identify themselves with their proper names when connected to other devices. 

My now-defunct digital camera is My Palantir.  

I call my old third generation iPod Sweetness.

My little 2 GB USB drive is known as Messagehawk.

My much loved G4 PowerBook is My Precious.  I have had this laptop since the summer of 2003!  It definitely exceeded its expected life span, and it's still functional (although slower than it used to be), but the time finally came to upgrade.  Technically, however, this laptop is My Precious 2.0.  It had a predecessor, a G3 "Pismo" Powerbook, you know, one of the black ones that, when open, had an Apple logo that appeared to be upside down.  My dad got it for me off eBay when I started college in 2001.  My Precious 1.0 died an ugly and unexpected death in June 2003, when I was right in the middle of taking summer school geology and astronomy classes in the Black Hills in South Dakota.  Fortunately, I wasn't working on any papers in "rocks for jocks" at the time.  

Anyway, the point of this post is to introduce you to my newest technological toy, My Precious 3.o.  It is a gorgeous new white MacBook with a 160 GB hard drive, 2 GB memory, superdrive (CD-RW + DVD-RW), and all sorts of other shiny features.  I particularly enjoy the fact that it has much better speakers than the nearly five-year-old My Precious 2.0.  Don't worry, I'm not going to abandon 2.0 — as it's still functional, I'll periodically use the application "Time Machine" to clone myself a copy of all the files on My Precious 3.0.  

A second introduction is in order.  When I got my new computer it came with a free Canon printer/scanner/copier, which obviously needs a name of its own.  I've decided to call it Tavi after the character from the Codex Alera books.  

My fiancé names his computers, too.  His are mostly named after mathematicians, which is appropriate, because he is one.  An interesting bit of trivia about us is that when we get married, the two of us we will have computers running a total of five different operating systems, if I remember correctly.  Mac OSX (10.5), two versions of Linux, and two versions of Windows, I think.  I'm responsible for OSX; the other, inferior, operating systems are on his machines.  

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