Thursday, April 17, 2008

On the subject of wedding invitations

While preparing to send out wedding invitations in the mail, I discovered that only three letters of the alphabet are not represented as the initial letter of some guest's last name.  

I realized this because the invitations were alphabetized.  Yes, I alphabetized my wedding invitations, even though the order in which they were addressed was not alphabetical because I didn't have all the addresses or information about guests' titles at the time I needed to start writing out addresses.  I alphabetize and categorize a lot of things.  It irks me immensely when my books and dvds are out of order (which is, incidentally, yet another reason why the library system should hire me when I leave grad school at the end of this spring!).  In the words of my best friend at her wedding reception: "I'm not obsessive compulsive.  I'm detail oriented."  I think that's my new favorite phrase.