Monday, May 05, 2008

Mail, mail everywhere

One of the unexpected perks of getting married is that as the wedding date approaches, I get more real mail than junk mail.  Okay, most of the mail is made up of response cards, but still... it's nice to open my mailbox every day and see many items that are not part of unsolicited mass mailings.  I don't get all that much junk mail since I put my address on a no junk mail list as soon as I moved in to this place and I make an effort to get off retail stores' catalog rent lists, but some unwanted things still arrive in the mail, usually addressed to "[name of some previous resident of this apartment] or current resident."  (The only unsolicited mass mailings that I really am happy to receive are Bed Bath & Beyond coupons and the weekly list of grocery store specials.)  

The occasional appearance of a wedding-related package is great fun as well.  

While we're on the subject of mail, I am really not happy about the latest hike in postage rates, which will take effect on May 12.