Saturday, May 03, 2008

An odd assortment of library books

Behold the books I currently have checked out from the public library.  It's an odd combination.  (All the voodoo ones are for a paper I'm writing on a novel by a famous Cuban author.)  Here they are, alphabetized by title.  

  1. The best military science fiction of the 20th century
  2. The code book: how to make it, break it, hack it, crack it by Simon Singh
  3. The code book: the evolution of secrecy from Mary, Queen of Scots, to quantum cryptography by Simon Singh
  4. The Haitian vodou handbook: protocols for riding with the Lwa by Kenaz Filan
  5. How to survive a robot uprising: tips on defending yourself against the coming rebellion by Daniel H. Wilson
  6. Illegal beings: human clones and the law by Kerry Lynn Macintosh
  7. Into the mainstream: conversations with Latin-American writers by Luis Harss
  8. Magical realism: theory, history, community
  9. The misenchanted sword by Lawrence Watt-Evans
  10. Los pasos perdidos by Alejo Carpentier
  11. Princess Academy by Shannon Hale
  12. El reino de este mundo by Alejo Carpentier
  13. Sacred arts of Haitian vodou
  14. Sir Thursday by Garth Nix
  15. A user's guide to the brain: perception, attention, and the four theaters of the brain by John J. Ratey
  16. Le vodou haitien: reflet d'une societé bloqueé by Fridolin Saint-Louis
  17. Vodou shaman: the Haitian way of healing and power by Ross Heaven
  18. Why things break: understanding the world by the way it comes apart by Mark E. Eberhart