Monday, July 21, 2008

Sci-Fi hilarity

One new blog that I've been reading frequently of late is that of Darth Mojo, who happens to have the very cool job of being a visual effects guy on Battlestar Galactica, and he does his job so well that he won an Emmy in the Special Visual Effects category for his work on BSG last year.  BSG, as I should inform those who have never witnessed its greatness, is the best drama on television.  Darth Mojo has also worked on visual effects for other fun works of science fiction such as Babylon 5 (which my husband and I are watching for the first time... we just finished season three, and that season was pretty spectacular).  Anyway, Darth Mojo was in New York a while back and took a photograph of one of the funnier ads I've seen in a while.  It involves Star Wars.  It's hilarious.

For additional amusement, particularly if you are seriously into science fiction like we are, check out Darth Mojo's sci-fi dance mix, featuring rare, remixed themes and songs from or relating to Star Wars, Star Trek, The Prisoner, James Bond, Futurama, the old (1970's) Battlestar Galactica, Mission: Impossible, the (1960's) Batman, and several other sci-fi shows or movies.  

Other entertaining sci-fi websites that I've been reading recently include io9 (a site whose motto is "Strung Out On Science Fiction") and Galactica Sitrep (a Galactica-centric site that is wonderful but which I should caution you not to visit unless you are completely caught up with the first half of the fourth season of Battlestar).