Friday, September 19, 2008

NFL as coping mechanism

I've followed the presidential campaigns closely in the last couple months.  Seeing the sickeningly biased media and other attack machines in full gear sometimes gets me stressed, frustrated, and kind of depressed about the state of the American national political discourse.  

Happily, however, I have found an activity to cheer me up enough to temporarily stop thinking about the election: when reading up on politics makes me feel unhappy, I head over to, the ESPN AFC West blog, and similar websites and immerse myself in news about the NFL, most specifically about the Denver Broncos.  I am also joyously celebrating the return of Gregg Easterbrook of TMQ (Tuesday Morning Quarterback).  Of course, it helps that my favorite sports team unexpectedly started the season 2-0 by burning down the Oakland Raiders' house on Monday Night Football and then sticking it to the division rival Chargers in epically memorable fashion this past week.  This year's Broncos, remarkably, are leading the league in offense while they're at it, and this week's TMQ even had something nice to say about the Broncos' head coach for what feels like the first time since before the 2006 draft.  

In conclusion, taking a break and focusing on football = my election stress coping mechanism of choice.  At the moment, anyway.  

(For those who are curious, I'm voting for these people, and I'm genuinely happy and excited about the ticket, something that is a first for me in any election, not just presidential elections.)

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