Sunday, November 23, 2008

Ender Wiggin Happiness

Today, I finished the long-awaited Ender in Exile by Orson Scott Card.  I absolutely loved it.  I had a huge smile on my face as I was reading the very last chapters, even though some of them almost made me cry.  I know there are a lot of OSC fans among the readers of my blog, and those people desperately need to go read this book if they have yet to do so!  (Note to friends who live nearby: yes, you may borrow my copy, and you should borrow A War of Gifts and First Meetings from me while you're at it.) Why do I think that people should run, not walk, to the bookstore (or library) to pick up a copy of this book NOW?  One reason, among many, is that Ender in Exile resolves several plot threads that were left dangling at the conclusion of Shadow of the Giant and have been torturing readers for the past three years.  Their resolution, I think, will make you very happy.  

A final note: although the book centers around Ender, not Bean, Ender in Exile belongs more to the Shadow series than it does to the Ender's Game-Speaker for the Dead-Xenocide-Children of the Mind Quartet.  I would recommend reading it after one has finished the Shadow books.

Okay, another note: I dearly love Ender.  I have seriously thought about naming a child Andrew.  One of several reasons for doing so would be so that I could nickname him Ender.  (Yes, my husband is aware of this.  And no, for those who are wondering, that's not what we're planning to call the baby, if I have a boy.  Not this time, anyway.)  I have also seriously thought about naming a child Julian, after another rather important and beloved OSC character, but that is less likely to occur even though as far as the Battleschoolers go, I have a slight preference for Julian Delphiki over Ender Wiggin.