Monday, December 29, 2008

Around the apartment, or how I spent my evening

Cooking dinner (paprika chicken with egg noodles, green beans, french bread, and fruit salad). 

Playing games (mathematical strategy games Hex and Nim) with my husband, using the hex map I got him for Christmas as the board for the former.  I really like Hex, possibly more than I like Go, another fun game of strategy that I've learned to play in the last few months.  A side benefit of marrying a mathematician is exposure to all sorts of games, especially strategy games, that I had never played before.  

Convincing my husband to take a break from Nim to teach me how to understand binary so I could compute how to optimally play that particular game from any given starting position (by using binary to take the xor of the nimber).  Concluding that binary is great.  Taking the next logical step (logical for me, anyway) and learning how ASCII works and how to write ASCII out in binary (and figure out the binary forms faster by looking at the octal in an ASCII table) and proceeding to write numbers and words out in binary for fun.  My husband is, at present, very amused by the discovery that I mentally categorize ASCII as some sort of system of runes.  Hey, it's an alternate form of written notation!  Just like Tolkien's Tengwar script is.

Talking to my mom (about baby things) and brother #1 (about baby stuff, how much more I'm enjoying the second trimester of pregnancy than the first trimester, marriage in general, and the end of the Broncos' 2008 season) on the phone.  

Deciding that I wanted to make tapioca pudding, cooking it, and consuming it.  

It was an excellent evening.